Beowulf August 21 & 23rd Questions

Chapters 2 & 3 - Beowulf

  1. How does the oral tradition help to attract Beowulf to the Danish shore?
  2. What is a kenning, and what does it contribute to the overall effect of the poem?
  3. How does the Danes’ response to Grendel evince a clash of culture between pagan and Christian cultures?
  4. The phrases “wave-rider” and “swan-road” are examples of what poetic device? What purpose do they serve?
  5. Why don’t the “wise men” protest the hero’s desire to undertake his adventure?
  6. How and why does the Beowulf poet use simile to describe Beowulf’s sea journey?
  7. Explain the ambiguity of the Danish sentinel’s greeting when Beowulf and his men arrive on Danish soil.
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